Stressed Out? – Just Get Out and Drive!

Being a physician is stressful. Being human is stressful. Living on this Earth is stressful. Let’s face it: Life is just damn stressful! So, what do you do? Well, sometimes you just have to get out and drive. And if you’re a betting man, always bet on black! Here’s a pentad (that means five) of […]

Ferrari 458 Italia: Sleek, Fast, and Born to Run

Here’s an Italian thoroughbred born to run fast!…a Ferrari 458 Italia. And no, it’s not red. It’s not yellow. It’s not black. It’s not white. It’s metallic gray – also known as Grigio Titanio – a color that really highlights the sleek lines of the car. And the 5-spoke wheels provide large “windows” for the […]

How to Unwind: Exotic Cars, BBQ, and Fun!

Being a physician is hard work. All work and no play is not healthy for anybody, including physicians! Just remember that and don’t lose sight of this simple fact. So what do you do to unwind? How about this: Is there anything better than great food, great weather, and great times? Well, if you throw […]

Ferrari 430 Scuderia: The Italian Stallion

The word “Scuderia” means “stable of horses” – well, Ferrari certainly has a fleet of race horses being bred in their Maranello stables, don’t they? 😉 Enter the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the lightweight/track-oriented version of the regular F430. Decked out in a menacing black exterior with gold racing stripes and gold wheels, the Scuderia is […]

“Men In Black” Cruise: Sometimes you just have to get away!

Medicine is stressful. Sometimes you just have to get away, right? After all those surgeries, procedures, admissions, unscheduled visits, lack of reimbursements, brutal on-call schedules, and on and on…it’s time for a break! Enter the “Men In Black”. They are here to help you. 😉 Here is a blacked-out Audi R8 and a black Lamborghini […]

Ferrari F40: An Iconic Legend

Here’s a car you don’t see every day… The legendary Ferrari F40: One of only 1,315 F40s ever produced…built to commemorate Ferrari’s 40th Anniversary, the F40 was the last Ferrari model commissioned by Enzo Ferrari before his passing. A street-legal, bonafide racecar for the streets – one of the most iconic supercars of all time! […]

Let’s Head to the Auto Parts Store!

All car enthusiasts have to make a run to the auto parts store every once in a while, right? It’s like going to the convenience store to pick up a gallon of milk or buy that winning lottery ticket. 😉 The bigger auto parts stores are like grocery stores for your automotive needs. You can […]

2012 Super Bowl: Game?…Commercials?…Let’s Drive!

New England vs. New York. The Patriots against the Giants. Who are you picking to win Super XLVI (46)? Need to pick up some last-minute munchies for that Super Bowl party? Well, come along and let’s go for a drive! Oh, and if you want to bring your Audi R8 to the party, that’s ok, […]