Lamborghini Aventador: A Splash of Lime is the Spice of Life!

Whoa Nelly! Some cars just announce themselves without any effort. Well, this is one of those cars. When you order up a car like this, it can only mean one thing: you are enjoying LIFE, my friend!

This is THE dream car every car enthusiast envisions: a Lamborghini Aventador…in Verde Ithaca (aka lime green pearl)! This is the Incredible Hulk of exotic cars – with its 3-stage paint finish that glistens in the sun, this is an alien spacecraft that can be spotted from miles away! Oh my!

This green monster is just that…a MONSTER. 6.5 Liters of V12 madness. 700 hp, 510 lb-feet of torque. 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Top speed of 217 mph.

With a flashy interior to match, imagine seeing this UFO flying down your local city streets. This is like a plastic surgeon’s best advertisement! 😉

See more pics of this lime green Aventador here: Lamborghini Aventador (Verde Ithaca)

So, what color would you order when you get YOUR Aventador?…

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