Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with LOC Exhaust: Sweet Sounds!

Nothing sounds like a Lamborghini, right? Well, you’re partially correct. Let’s rephrase the statement… Nothing sounds like a Lamborghini with an aftermarket exhaust. Now you are correct! You see, most exotic cars come from the factory with restrictions…for a wide variety of reasons. We’re sure Lamborghini didn’t choose it to be this way – and […]

CarScrubs Review: BMW 335i with Eisenmann Race Exhaust

There are certain things that just go hand in hand: cookies and cream, apple pie and ice cream, peas and carrots, football and tailgaiting, green eggs and ham, BMW and Eisenmann exhausts…wait, what was that again? Yes, BMW and Eisenmann. A match made in heaven. Both are German companies. Both deliver outstanding performance in their […]

CarScrubs Review: Lamborghini Gallardo with Fabspeed 70 mm Supersport Exhaust (with X-Pipe)

When it comes to exotic cars, the sound is what gets you hooked. Any car fanatic will tell you so. As we talked about in an earlier post about Fabspeed Motorsports, there are multiple benefits to upgrading the stock exhaust, even on a modern supercar. Yes, even on a Lamborghini. 😉 The benefits are three-fold: […]

“Breathe in, breathe out”…Ahhhh, much better!

If you are a doctor and a car enthusiast, it would not be surprising if you owned a BMW, Mercedes, or a Porsche, right? Or maybe even a Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, or Lamborghini (you are doing REALLY well, huh? 😉 ). Well, as any car enthusiast can attest to, extracting more performance out of any […]