What do Ayrton Senna and the Acura NSX have in common, you ask?


All Formula One fans remember Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest F1 drivers in history. The 3-time Formula One world champion died way too young at 34 yo in the prime of his life in 1994 after a crash during a Grand Prix race.

And all Honda enthusiasts know about the NSX. The Acura NSX was Japan’s entry version into the supercar world. During its 15-year production run from 1990-2005, the mid-engine (V6), rear-wheel drive NSX became revered for its tight and responsive handling, while also being light and easy to drive. And it looked damn good, too (still does).

So what do Ayrton Senna and the NSX have to do with each other, you might ask?

Well, in 1989, Honda was testing their prototype for the NSX at the Suzuka track in Japan. Ayrton Senna happened to be there also, as he was doing some testing of his F1 McLaren-Honda. Of course, the Honda engineers asked him to try a few laps in the NSX prototype, so he obliged them and took it for a spin around the track. Afterwards, they asked for his opinion, and he hesitantly replied that it felt a bit “fragile” to him (referring to the car’s overall rigidity). This prompted Honda’s engineers to go back to the grindstone to increase the car’s rigidity even more (keep in mind, it was already pretty rigid compared to other production cars of that era). Due to his input, Senna was instrumental in helping the Honda engineers get the NSX’s suspension and handling perfectly tweaked. And the rest is history…

We’d like to share one of our favorites with you: One of the best videos we have seen is a tribute to the legendary driver and the Acura NSX, a legendary sports car designed and tweaked with the help of Senna’s input. The video follows an NSX as it makes its way from Frankfurt, Germany to the famed Nurburgring track in Nurburg, Germany. In the video you will hear Ayrton Senna’s voice, as he talks about his philosophies with respect to racing, something he was born to do. Enjoy!

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