A Car Enthusiast’s Tradition: Cars and Coffee

All doctors are familiar with having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. After all, you did it in college (cramming for those tests); you did it in medical school (cramming for those tests); you did it in residency (ANOTHER admission from the ER!); and if you’re still in practice, you probably STILL wake up early in the morning, don’t you? (that is, unless you’re an Allergist or Dermatologist…with your 10 am start times… 😛 )

If you’re a doctor, you probably like your morning cup of coffee, don’t you? Helps get you started for the day, right?

Well, what if you are a doctor who wakes up early and who likes cars and who also likes your coffee? Ha, we have the answer for YOU!…it’s called “CARS AND COFFEE”! 🙂

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Cars and Coffee is a long-standing tradition for car enthusiasts all over the world. Legend has it that Cars and Coffee probably began in car-crazy California (possibly Irvine, CA), but we suspect it probably began when the first 2 automobiles first drove up to the first store with freshly-brewed coffee. 🙂

Chances are there is a local Cars and Coffee in your neck of the woods, too…unless you live at the bottom of the ocean or in the Himalayan mountains or something. 😉

What is Cars and Coffee? It’s a place where car enthusiasts of all types gather to display their cars, talk about their cars, talk about other cars, talk about what cars they plan to talk about in the future, talk about driving their cars…ok, ok, you get the idea…it’s a place where enthusiasts hang out to talk about cars, cars, and more cars. Oh, and maybe drink some coffee, too…in the wee hours of the morning. 🙂

You will see all makes and models at your favorite Cars and Coffee meet: antique cars, classic cars, muscle cars, sports cars, quirky cars, and of course, exotic cars. These car meets are great for learning about cars in general, since you will see makes and models that you won’t typically see at your local grocery store. After all, all car people share a common interest…their love of cars! (Yes, we are masters of the obvious!)

These meets are also a great way to make new friends and network with other car owners (analogous to the golf world). Oh, who are we kidding!…actually, these meets are a great excuse to just get away from the house, grab some coffee, and hang out with a bunch of other car-crazy fanatics! 😀

See some pictures here: Cars and Coffee

So, go ahead and stop hitting that “snooze” button, WAKE UP, and let’s go for a drive and get some coffee!…

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