Keeping Your Car Healthy: Scheduled Maintenance

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As a physician, you understand the importance of routine health maintenance. Well, the same principle applies to keeping your favorite car healthy. Adhering to the proper maintenance intervals for your car helps ensure miles of smiles for your vehicle, whether it’s your daily driver, your family cruiser, your heavy-duty hauler, or your weekend toy(s). 🙂

Cars are like humans in many respects: They need to be examined periodically, cleaned and flushed from time to time, and they need the proper nutrients to keep them running strong. We recommend you keep abreast of your car’s recommended maintenance intervals and bring your vehicle in when it’s due for routine service…because missing these important services is like missing important follow-ups with a physician.

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All cars need oil changes, brake inspections, tire inspections, filter changes, fluid flushes, and yes, even new windshield wipers. 😉

For example, here’s a BMW 335i making a visit to the BMW dealership for a scheduled “physical”… 😛

Keeping your car healthy will make it happy…and in return, will make YOU happy as well. 🙂

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