Dinner and a movie?…scratch that. How about a drive, dinner, and some belly dancing!

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As a busy physician, you need time to “unwind” from the stress, right? Well, on those rare occasions when you have some time to enjoy life, what better way to relieve stress than by sharing a drive with other car enthusiasts, combined with some dinner and dancing? 😉

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Imagine a gathering of 35 or so car enthusiasts meeting up for a night of camaraderie, sharing their enthusiasm of cars, and enjoying a feast fit for a king. Not enough? Ok, then how about a little belly dancing entertainment thrown into the mix? Sounds fun now, doesn’t it? 🙂

After meeting up at a location outside the city, the gathering of car enthusiasts chatted, said their hellos and introduced themselves. Many of them already knew each other, but many of them were meeting each other for the first time as well. After a brief period of socializing and meeting/greeting, the cars fired up their engines and enjoyed a leisurely cruise into the city.

Upon arrival into the city, they were greeted by a welcoming crew at the restaurant and were guided into the parking lot one by one. It was certainly an entertaining scene, seeing and hearing these fine automobiles as they rolled into the city…as the saying goes, there was a “buzz” in the air and the energy was definitely palpable.

After more socializing and fun conversation, the enthusiastic group was ushered into the restaurant and they were treated to an amazing, delightful, multiple-course Moroccan feast — we can guarantee nobody left feeling hungry!

And to top off the fine evening, the group was treated with a traditional Moroccan belly-dancing performance by a highly-skilled and talented dancer, who was very engaging and entertaining. She even pulled several of the group members (both the shy and un-shy!) into the “circle” to join her for a dance!

Here are a couple of brief videos from the event:

You can also view more pictures here.

In summary, a great time was had by all. Special kudos and congratulations go to the fine folks at DC Metro Media, Marrakesh Restaurant, and Exotic Car Specialties for executing such a first-class event. 🙂

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